About the Scentsy Bar

R1-Bar-BlackRasberryVanilla-ISO-FW2015What is a Scentsy Bar?

Answer: A Scentsy Bar is a clamshell package of 8 cubes of wax. One or two cubes are placed into a warmer at a time to emit fragrance into the air. Because this highly fragrant wax bar is warmed in a warmer it is never on fire; therefore, it packs more fragrance and is much safer than a traditional candle.

Our Scentsy Bars are made of a high-quality paraffin wax blend. This blend is selected because of it’s fragrance holding ability, low melting point as well as it’s firmness. Each bar is BPA-, Gluten-, lead-, egg-  and formaldehyde-free and does not contain mineral or nut oils. Scentsy bars are non-toxic and when warmed, release no toxins or soot into the air.

how much

You can control the strength of fragrance by using less cubes. For example: A nightlight warmer will hold 1 cube. If your Scentsy bar is too strong for you, you can use 1/2 a cube instead of a full one.

Adding more than the recommended amount of cubes will not make the fragrance anymore stronger. It is recommended to use up to 3 cubes of wax for a full size warmer, 2 for a mid-size warmer and 1 for a nightlight warmer.

The back side of the Scentsy Bar. 8 break-away cubes.

How Much Are Scentsy Bars?


Each Scentsy Bar is $5.00; however, you may combine more and save money!
Buy 3 Scentsy Bars for $14 and save $1.

The best value: Buy 5 Scentsy Bars and get 1 FREE! 6 pack of Scentsy Bars for $25.
Mix and match to get your favorite scents.

To take advantage of our Combine & Save and get the buy more sale prices: Shop Combine & Save


Keep an eye out, each month Scentsy has a special fragrance of the month. The fragrance of the month is only available for a limited time and is usually 10% off!

View our current fragrances

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