Harvest Pumpkins


Cool weather, warm colors, cozy fashion. Fall is a season worth celebrating , and this elegant stack of glazed, hand-painted pumpkins make a picture-perfect homage.

With cool weather approaching, we’ve finally entered into my favorite season of all, pumpkin season! October’s warmer of the month, Harvest Pumpkins, is a fall lovers perfect warmer.



It’s easy to see the outer beauty in this elegant three pumpkin, glazed hand-painted warmer-try saying that three times. What you don’t see is that this warmer is actually an element warmer! Element warmers (for those not familiar) are warmers that require no bulbs to heat the dish filled with wax. The wax filled dish simply rests on a heating plate; therefore, this warmer is not illuminated by a light.

Place this warmer atop your mantle, kitchen counter, desk or in an entry way for a perfect touch to your fall décor. It will fill your home full of welcoming fall fragrances throughout the entire season.

Get this limited time warmer before it sells out at a discount of 10% during the month of October only!

14441027_1300414163303219_9130507271671856011_nI’ve got mine!

Buy Harvest Pumpkins

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