February 2017 Warmer and Scent of the Month

Cheerful, girly and stylish- That is exactly how I would describe the February 2017 Warmer of the Month.


If you are a bird lover, a fan of chevron patterns or are looking for a cute cheerful warmer, Chevrons and Songbirds warmer might just be the perfect fit for you.

“A funky fusion of chevron stripes and folk art birds beam from an illuminated canvas.” While the description may suggest that it may be a canvas material, it actually is glass warmer shade that sits atop a cement base. A silver metal dish holder sits around the brim of the top of the glass and holds a clear glass dish for your wax.

This warmer measures 6.5″ tall and uses a 25W bulb.

Unlit, Chevrons and Songbirds looks like s beautiful decorative vase or centerpiece full of color. Three different colored birds surround the shade along with teal chevron stripes.

While lit, this warmer casts a beautiful glow. It would be the perfect decorative piece for a little girls room to warm kids fragrances and also double as a nightlight. Since our warmers heat at a low temperature, they are warm to the touch and will never burn if touched or wax is spilled. Perfectly safe to set and forget.

Melon & Apple Granita

“Crisp apple and sweet melon surge with sparkling citrus.”

If you like fruity fragrances, this one is tailored to you. When I smell this fragrance, I compare it to a peach Jolly Rancher. The scent throw is magnificent and is definitely uplifting. This fragrance will certainly please your nose.

Available at 10% off during the month of February.


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